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Style over 50

Hey hey!   Arlene Abad Matthews here.  I’m your Filipino-American style virtuoso, and I’ve got a deep love for life, fashion, cultures and cannabis!

As someone who’s been immersed in fashion all my life, I’ve noticed the glaring absence of inspiration & representation of {stylish} women over 50 and, of course, the lack of diversity.  Straight up, it’s either young or old and everything in between is nowhere.  It’s time to change that narrative.

Join me on this fashion-forward journey where I’ll be sharing my personal style, stylist’s tips, and the wisdom gained from a lifetime in the world of fashion. Whether it’s hunting down that one piece, curating the perfect outfit or embracing the power of self-expression through clothing, I’ll be sharing it here. 

Travel!  It’s a main influence in my personal style…travel and the other cultures that just make me melt.  I’m excited to share that…the art, the design, the style inspirations along with the coolest spots to stay & visit.

But let’s not stop at fashion & travel; let’s talk cannabis!  We can finally stop hiding and start sharing the positive aspects of this wonderful plant.  And I’m honing in on the perspectives and contributions of women and the AAPI community in the cannabis industry.  {honestly, where my peeps at?}

All I’m saying is, I’m here to embrace and represent this sort of dismissed age group.  Age should not be a barrier to fashion & style and life.  It’s more freedom, more confidence, more wisdom. {more vintage clothing in your closet lol}.  Y’all this side of the 50’s…it’s a nice high over here. 


What’s your go-to strain right now: 

Shockingly -Animal Sherbet, Indica.

I’m a sativa girl… but this has a good sativa focused start with a mellow relaxing finish {yawns, lots of yawns}.

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