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Yeah, you read that right, Portland Street Style!  This post is on what people are wearing in Portland, Portland Streetstyle and Gorpcore style.

Portland Fashion

Portland you’re so cool! You had me snapping all day on the fly! Thank you so much for your genuine sweet hospitality and your Gorp Core fashion. ILYSM can’t wait to go back.

Portland is bountiful in nichy local food, local coffee (!!! no words) & beautiful nature all wrapped up in there. But Portland! Way to take it to the next level with the street style and Gorpcore!

Let’s goo …check out the sweet details & accessories. So fun! Thank you Portland!

This post you’ll see what locals are wearing in Portland, Portland street style and learn Gorpcore meaning and Gorpcore style.

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gorpcore clothing

OK next, what is Gorpcore?

I know…I had to ask my daughter to repeat herself when I first heard the name. Gorpcore.

Stands for Good Old Raisins Peanuts. Again, I know!  The name can also be interepreted as “the sound of crunching snow under your boots”.  IDK why, but I love that. And who thought of that??

Gorpcore is mostly an outerwear style. Evolving out of the outdoorsy vibe & lifestyle and dealing w the elements of nature… so tech fabrics, light weight jackets, layers, all sorts of hats & beanies, boots/hikers/good treads, crossbody bags.  Throw in a little fashion, creative layering, personal style and bam!  it is now it’s own fashion category >> Gorpcore.  I know!

Most of the mens street style pics above are all repping the Gorpcore vibe in one way or another.

There is also the term Gorpy, meaning cute/cool Gorpcore 🙂

what are the locals in portland wearing
check it >> My (Portlandian) GF gorping out 🙂 layers, techy fabric pieces + fashion!   Hikers by Acne

This post is about what people are wearing in Portland, Portland street style and a new fashion category, Gorp Core.

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