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what to wear in spring weather

Style over 50


Spring Looks


Simple Spring Uniform . Creative Layering . Color!

cute bongs

10 coffee table worthy bongs, pipes & bubblers

When bongs & pipes are featured in AD & design mags.  In this post, 6 artist creating 10 coffee table worthy bongs, pipes & bubblers.  There’s a whole generation out there that is so
wellness activities for cannabis users

Elevate Your Practice: Exploring Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Studios

Definitely down(dogging) for this.  In this post, we’re explaining what a cannabis-friendly yoga studio is and exploring cannabis-friendly yoga studios. This post I decided to use AI because, what a great super efficient assistant

Your favorite author has probably stayed in this hotel in Amersterdam

Love the winding red stairs tucked here & there, and the must-experience Libarary Bar.  Till next time, Ambassade Hotel!

amsterdam centre name


Yoga or Track?

TRACK!  Track pant that is 

track pant inspos, where to wear, where to buy