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Definitely down(dogging) for this.  In this post, we’re explaining what a cannabis-friendly yoga studio is and exploring cannabis-friendly yoga studios.

cannabis yoga studios
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This post I decided to use AI because, what a great super efficient assistant AI is!  And this is the type of project / sourcing I’d be happy to give to AI AND get back immediately.  I asked AI what is a cannabis-friendly yoga studio and to list the top 10 studios in Chicago.  I’ve been high a couple of times during yoga.  Both times, I was more anxious than relaxed and I also chose the wrong type of yoga to attend while high : / So that being said, I would give it another chance and these seem like warm safe spaces.   Let’s get downdogging with our favorite herb & community!

What is a Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Studio?

A cannabis-friendly yoga studio is a yoga studio that welcomes and accommodates individuals who wish to incorporate cannabis into their yoga practice. In these studios, participants are often allowed to consume cannabis before, during, or after their yoga session, depending on the studio’s policies and local regulations.

These studios may offer classes specifically tailored to cannabis enthusiasts, where cannabis consumption is integrated into the practice through methods such as vaporizing, edibles, or topical applications. These classes typically aim to enhance relaxation, mindfulness, and physical awareness through the combined effects of cannabis and yoga.

Additionally, they often prioritize creating a safe and inclusive space for individuals to explore the synergistic effects of cannabis and yoga. They may provide amenities such as comfortable seating areas, relaxation zones, and educational resources on cannabis use and wellness.

Overall, a cannabis-friendly yoga studio offers a unique and alternative approach to traditional yoga practice, allowing individuals to explore the synergistic effects of cannabis and yoga in a supportive and non-judgmental setting.

 5 Cannabis-Friendly Yoga Studios

1.  BAAM Yoga, Chicago

  • 1.5hr restorative Ganja yoga every Sat
  • unique menu of services :
    • private stretch therapy
    • sound bath meditation session
    • 45min full reiki session
  • located downtown Chicago

2.  Elevated Yogi, Detroit

  • studio is focused around proper exercise, proper diet, proper relaxation, proper breathing, and positive thinking.
  • also a bed & breakfast with vegan chef (if you’d like to turn your session into a retreat 🙂 ).  Or you can grab & go a healthy meal!
  • located in Detroit

3.  LoveYouBye Yoga, Chicago

  • black woman owned
  • rooftop popups + collaborations with Kooking with Kush
  • love the yoga mat merch ❤️
  • located in Hyde Park, Chicago

4.  Marijuasana

  • mantra : infused yoga
  • promotes wellness and considers plant medicine and yoga as essential components of an integrated , healthy lifestyle
  • online classes!
  • pop up classes & retreats

5.  Ganja Yoga

  • mission : to help people from all walks of life to experience deep relaxation & safe yoga with the use of plant medicines
  • love the topics they hit on their blog
  • book private sessions
  • instructors are global, co is based in Toronto

I’m looking forward to trying these studios out this spring!  Def LoveYouBye on a rooftop this summer with a GF!  Hope this was enlightening and here’s to elevating your next yoga sesh 🙂

In this post, we’re explaining what a cannabis-friendly yoga studio is, sharing 5 of those studios and their specialties.

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