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Loud and proud with my love for the herb!  This post is on my personal style over 50 and my weedwear wardrobe.

aapi in cannabis

I collect weedwear like sports peeps collect their hats & jerseys.  But I’ve noticed I rarely ever see another person sporting a weed tee/sweatshirt/hat.  Wait!  I do remember coming across someone with weed decorated shoes lol.  But I do know, it’s also a challenge finding a weed tee out there that can easily fit in with your wardrobe right now.  In any case, I have a deep love for my favorite herb and when I come across weed merch, I buy it.  Or fam & friends gift it to me (like the California Kush tee above).

In this post I’m sharing my personal style over 50 and my personal weedwear wardrobe.

Style over 50 : me & my weedwear


stylish women over 50

This one I picked up during our 24hrs in Amsterdam.  We hit Easy Times coffeeshop  to start our day with a coffee and an Amsterdam-special-high and so happy they also had some merch!  The quality is fantastic (nothing like a concert tee) and has some good structure to it, and I really dig the graphic.  I’ve been asked a number of times where I found this tee.  So fab finding weedwear when traveling (they’re like one-of-a-kinds), but not good news for those asking.  Easy Times has their merch avail online here!

women and cannabis

No haters, just lovers.  This one is an oldie but a goodie from Sophomore.  Sophomore tees were the absolute softest & coolest graphic tees out of New York back ~ 2010.  Mine is in mint condition because I rarely wore it out & about and around my then grade school kids and have to answer all the questions.  But now we’re all good & legal, so it’s always on my person.  Sadly Sophomore is no longer 🙁

stylish women over 50

When I happened upon this Virgil Abloh collab tee on TheRealReal, it was a quick buy for me … 1) I came across this piece of artwork in the Spencer Museum of Art  and 2) the obvious…flower.  This tee always gets the most double takes, head turns, stares.

Here are a couple I found that would be fun with a blazer … weed by Weed California Classic  Vegetarian by chummytees

So that’s my weed wardrobe all!  Would love to hear if you have some weedwear and where to buy!

K till next week!

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