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I was looking for “cozy classic Dutch” decor for our stay in Amsterdam and we found it, x10.  In this post, my vote for the Best Boutique Hotel Amsterdam, The Ambassade Hotel.

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So happy I found this last minute stay in Amsterdam!  We just spent a week in a minimalist scandi design hotel in Nijmegen and now only wanted cozy cozy cozy.  It’s winter in Amsterdam and weather here is cool & rainy, so cozy was calling!

The Ambassade is cozy & charming x 10.  Love the winding red stairs tucked here & there, the view (!!), the heated bathroom floors (next level cozy), every single piece of art, the must-experience Library Bar, the most friendly staff and the most comfy cozy bed.  I mean, that right there is 5star.  I’m super bummed we missed out dining in their restaurant.  There’s nothing less than stellar reviews about the food (“best breakfast of my life”) but definitely next time!

a Cozy Classic Art Filled Stay in Amsterdam

The Ambassade Hotel

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The Library Bar, Ambassade Hotel

The Library Bar is as enchanting as the hotel.  The books & all the beautiful wood immediately draw you in and the snacks are YUM.  There are 5000ish books displayed behind glass here.  The books is the art in this space.  Each book is signed by the author and every author has stayed at The Ambassade Hotel.  It is the coolest installation in a hotel.  I love their take on art in this space, it expands one’s concept of art.  And again, YUM on the snacks.  We ordered the bittenballens, the homemade bread & ginger tea.  Yes, def recommend.  Peep the pic below.

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best boutique hotel amsterdam

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Thank you Ambassade Hotel for the lovely stay!  Until next time!

Hope this is helpful if you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Amsterdam or hope you get a chance to experience The Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam.  I forgot to mention the location is ideal to restaurants, museums AND a Tik Tok famous cookie bakery is right around the corner!

This post is a review on The Ambassade Hotel, the best boutique hotel in Amsterdam, why this boutique hotel is the best and where to stay in Amsterdam.

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