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When bongs & pipes are featured in AD & design mags.  In this post, 6 artist creating 10 coffee table worthy bongs, pipes & bubblers. 

design centric pipes bongs bubblers
top : sprout pipe by wandering bud bottom : pebble pipe via Captain’s Daughter, Provincetown

There’s a whole generation out there that is so grateful that we no longer have to hide our ugly smokeware!  If I come across a cool pipe. I’m buying it.  Full stop.  I am also a big fan of all the cute (and much needed!) accessories for our smokeware!  Thank you to these amazing artists who are also saying no to embarrasing smokeware and creating exciting to use, beautiful design centric smokeware.  Let’s get at it.

In this post, bongs, pipes & bubblers as pieces of art, the artists that create them and where to shop

10 Coffee Table Worthy Bongs, Pipes & Bubblers

and the 6 Artists creating them

1.  Debbie Carlos Studio

stylish smokeware for sale

  • photographer & ceramist based in MI via the Philippines & California
  • unexpected, functional, sculptural, beautiful tableware & smokeware

2. Kenni Field

creative bongs for sale

  • self taught nonbinary Black ceramicist based in Philadelphia
  • this fantastic piece fits nicely in your hand doubles as an incense holder

3.  Rompotodo

best design centric pipes and bongs

  • woman owned.  born, raised & based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • mission is to heal through cute objects, colors and the moments created from them.  LOVE THIS

4.  Wandering Bud

10 coffee table worthy smokeware

  • women owned ceramic studio in KC
  • I own the Sprout Pipe and is my go-to.  Cleans up so easily, surprisingly pretty durable, love the simple design & straight up cool vibes.

5.  Yew Yew

coffee table worthy bongs and pipes

  • Woman owned designed in NY
  • Yew Yew works with creatives and cannabis lovers to help dispel the stigma around weed

6.  My Bud Vase

design centric smokeware

  • woman owned based in South Carolina
  • each vase / bong has it’s own unique aesthetic.  Bongs with flair l

Where to Buy

Design-Centric Smokeware & Accessories

Ok too cool right??  All of the awesomeness above, you can shop directly on their sites (whoops, cept Kenni Fields).  Also check these 3 women / BIPOC owned/led shops that I frequent for other luxury, cute, cannabis smokeware & accessories :

1.  Para Shop

2.  Toast

3.  The Flower Pot

In this post, sharing coffee table worthy smokeware, the artists creating these works of art and where to buy.

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