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Just as filipino is very much a part of my dna, so are {local} bakery baked pastries.  And that’s a full stop.  In this post best bakeries to visit in Chicago. Taking it to the northside!

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Who does not love a bakery?  Then get outta here, cause this post I’m sharing with you all the yummiest baked goods in Chicago!  These best bakeries Chicago, from a local with a hard core love for baked goods {some may argue, could be the weed lolol}.

Wh0 & Where are the Best Bakeries in Chicago?

Best Unique Healthy Bakery + new James Beard Award Winner : Loba, Lakeview

best bakeries chicago

Man, Loba just exploded in her new corner spot in Lakeview and James Beard Award!  Totally understandable because her pastries are one-of-a-kinds.  I witnessed people come in and get one of each.  Again, totally understandable it’s hard to decide between the (vegan) pineapple sourdough muffin, the honey buckwheat scone or the daily specials.  Im hooked on the gf emmie right now, it’s always devoured on the ride home (peep the pic above of the emmie before devouring in the car wash)

Best All Around Bakery : Sauce and Bread Kitchen, Rogers Park

Best Bakery Chicago Sauce and Bread Kitchen Chicago

Sauce & Bread Kitchen – this place you want it all.  I’m talking from the fri-night-only pizza’s to every pastry in the case to the ceramic spoons made by the artist that lives around the corner, to the Kewpie mayo in the groceries (I can go on bout the groceries too).  add the charming vibrant space, 5 /5 stars.  PS their fried green tomato & egg on homemade chive & cheddar biscuit sandwhich is full on yumminess.  Sauce & Bread in West Rogers Park.

Best Chinese Bakery > Chiu Quon best bakeries Chicago sesame balls chicago

Chiu Quon Bakery  – I have an unhealthy craving for buchis aka sesame balls.  Everything about them, I crave…the chewy texture, the crispy-ish outer shell w sesame seeds, the red bean center.  If you catch them still warm..forget about it!!  The best are at Chiu Quon Bakery on Argyle.  I have often gotten them still warm there, yo that’s how fast they turn them.  It’s tough to resist grabbing some pork buns, moon cakes, or sponge cake as well.  Chiu Quon Bakery in Uptown, Asia on Argyle.

If you’ve got a sec, there’s this cool little spot just a few doors down {to the east} called First Sip Cafe.  They serve specialty coffees highlighting all those beautiful asian flavors like ube {latte}, coconut jasmine {Vietnamese iced coffee}, and orange blossom {latte}.  That’s just the first three, there’s more!  I want to try them all!

Best Take on the Classics > Lost Lars0n

best bakeries Chicago lost larson bakery

Every classic sweet and savory breakfast treat at Lost Larson is next level, no lie.  From the roll, to the pickles to the perfectly folded egg in their breakfast sandwiches to the lox on toast to the cinnamon rolls & pain chocolat, their reiteration of the classics should be consumed & experienced  by all :)) as well as their beautiful space.  Lost Larson in Andersonville

Best Bagels, Bialy’s and of course, All the Baked Goods : Mindy’s, Wicker Park

Mindy’s Bakery : oh god her doughnut is the best, hands down.  Heads up, only avail on the weekends!  And, you gotta get there close to opening if you want to try one.  They go fast.  Must-try the cornut shortbread cookie and the GF muscovado coffee cake, YUM.  They also serve real good iced coffee.

Mindy’s is also owner of eponymous line, Mindy’s Edibles, has been nominated 5 times for the James Beard award and in 2012 was selected as “Outstanding Pastry Chef” in the country by the James Beard Foundation.

Ok y’all, till the next yummy-baked-good-roundup post!  Enjoy!

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