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Can we hear it for spring?  Yay spring!  In this post, I’m sharing my first spring outfits 2024

spring outfits for women

Love the change of seasons especially when the weather is turning warmer.   The change of seasons can also bring about a little frantic-ness in the closet.  Same!  Happens!  So I’m sharing some looks and what I do, if you need some inspo.  Everything here has been in my wardrobe for many moons and if recently purchased, I go resale / local & sustainable.

Let’s get at it.  Here’s a lookbook of sorts of spring looks for all sorts of different errands & events.

first spring outfits 2024

my spring uniform : a blazer & a thrifted painter pant

style over 50

style over 50

style over 50

Spring is absolutely the perfect time to pull out your fave blazers.  They are the star of your look…you literally can be wearing joggers and a tee & bam! you’re good!   Aaaaand your blazer effortlessly serves double duty as outerwear.

  • WORE THIS LOOK TO a work fitting, to lunch with a friend, to a 4/20 book swap & to tour a gym / club
    • look 1 :  Rachel Comey cut-out blazer, Virgil Abloh graphic tee, thrifted painter pant, Adidas Superstar sneakers, All Saints black denim bucket hat
    • look 2 : Rachel Comey cut-out blazer, Acne Studios trompe-l’oei bodysuit (worn unsnapped, cause comfier), thrifted painter pant, fur sandals from Mexico City, Caddis readers
    • look 3 : Comme des Garçon stripe blazer, Mai cashmere cardigan, thrifted painter pant, fur sandals from Mexico City
  • EASY 1 to 5 : 3 easier than most looks.  The base is there, just change up the top & shoe.
  • LOVE this cut-out blazer, this blazer & this blazer

key essential in spring dressing : layering!

what to wear in spring weather

what to wear spring

Layering adds interest & warmth!  When the day gets warmer in the afternoon, just peal a layer off!  I will try to layer pretty much anything from outerwear to bottoms.  Real Talk.

  • WORE THIS LOOK TO work at a coffee shop, travel and to a Philippines coffee event 🇵🇭
    • look 1 : Steve Alan button up, reworked vintage shirt by Chicago local, Bsides Denim, Goodbye Tony vintage sunnies.
    • look 2 : COS shrunken long slv tee, Alejandra de Coss star & moon cut-out vest, Dusty Roads handbeaded earrings
    • look 3 :  Clare V grey tee, Notify blazer, Vanessa Bruno shawl cardi worn as scarf,
  • EASY 1 to 5 : 4 ok not sooo easy, but fun to get creative.
  • CHECK my board How to Layer for more inspos

3 layering ideas:

  1. Button up shirts!  This one is a new one for me.  I have been wanting to layer a couple of button ups as I have a slew of them.
  2. Vests I also like to pull out my vests and will pair back to light weight sweaters, button ups & tees.
  3. Grab that sweater / scarf  When you don’t want to throw a jacket over your blazer.

spring inspiration : color

pinterest fashion outfits

casual spring outfits 2024

There’s so much color popping off in the spring, it’s hard not to be inspired.  Am I right??   And unexpected pops of color, even better.

  • WORE COLOR TO the museum, the grocery store, shopping for a gig
    • Look 1 : Nora Mapp reworked onesie avail at MarthaMae & Nicholas Kirkwood sandals
    • Look 2 : Adidas Superstars in yellow & JCrew dot khakis
    • Look 3 : Reebok sneakers & The Frankie Shop denim
  • EASY 1 to 5 : 1 easy to bring color in through accessories
  • CHECK my board how to wear color for more inspos!

In this post, I’m sharing my first spring outfits for 2024, where I wore these looks and spring inspirations.


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