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I have been to Vegas more times than I want to admit.  I’m not one for the strip, but I am a big fan of these 3 things OFF the strip.  In this post, if you wanna get off the strip here are 3 hidden gems outside of Las Vegas

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 Refuel & refill with these 3 hidden gems outside Las Vegas.  A visit to any of these three places will leave you feeling amazed and back to feeling hopeful again in mankind on the strip lol.

In this post, I’m sharing my 3 hidden gems off the strip Las Vegas.

3 Hidden Gems Off the strip, Las Vegas

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#1.  Valley of Fire State Park

Do you know this exists?  You should!  There is nothing on the strip that compares to Mother Nature.  Especially in this part of the country, the desert!  Beautiful 1 hour drive northeast of downtown Vegas.

  • Open year round – I don’t recommend visiting in the summer, some trails are even closed during the summer because of the extreme desert heat.  Beautiful & enjoyable in the fall (Oct), winter (Jan & Feb) and spring (Mar & April) seasons.
  • Open sunrise to sunset
  • 22 trails ranging from 1mile to 23miles – here and here for some solid trail reviews
  • $10 parking fee for NV residents, $15 fee for nonresidents
  • Pets allowed on leashes
  • No wifi!
  • Comfy clothes & shoes with good tread A MUST
  • Don’t forget water!

hidden gems outside las vegas

where to go outside las vegas strip

#2.  Arts District

The Arts District did not exist even 10years ago?  Well, maybe but certainly not to this level.  When I first visited this area, there was a tiny little side street with two vintage shops, a craft beer place and one other shop, can’t remember.  The two vintage shops are still there (so awesome) and it’s grown to a busy main street filled with antiquing, thrifting, arting & restaurants.

  • Esther’s Kitchen
    • Honestly, not sure how off-the-radar Esther’s is nowadays cause there’s always a wait …so make reservations!  FACTS, your tastebuds have never had anything like Esther’s spaghetti.  Everyone knows it’s the best spaghetti in the country and the servers will back that up proudly.  Def order the bread service.  Their sourdough is unlike any others.  A full plate of sourdough?  No problem.  We’ve already agreed, Esther’s is the one thing that would bring us back to Vegas.
  • Freed’s Bakery
    • When you can’t image having another bite of anything, head across the street to Freed’s Bakery.  Trust me you’ll want this treat for later.  Freed’s is a package deal with Esther’s because they’re right across the street from one another.  And also locally owned and doing their thing since 1947.  I still say order the dessert at Esther’s (you cannot have a meal like that and not do dessert), then go across the street and grab cookies for an afternoon / midnight snack.  You’ll be so happy.  We always buy the almond and lemon cake cookies.
  • Tacotarian
    • If you can’t get into Esther’s, next best is this plant based mexican eatery just a couple of doors down from Esther’s Kitchen called Tacotarian.  Very cute vibe, yummy fresh food and fun little souvenir corner.  I’m bummed I don’t have any pics, you’ll have to trust me!!
  • Vesta Coffee Roasters
    • After a little antiquing, there’s Vesta Coffee right around the corner from Tacoterian.  Local roasters. Beautiful. Traceable. Honest. Specialty Coffee.  What a treat with a friendly staff too.  Nice to see local artists working in Vesta Coffee :))
  • Main St
    • The Arts District’s city center.  Filled with local craft & food, antiquing & thrifting and art galleries.

hidden gems outside of las vegas

#3.  Local bookstore, Writers Block

Around the corner down a couple of miles from the arts district and into the most peaceful, quaint, super clean neighborhood (hard to believe that’s downtown, nothing like the strip) to a bookstore!!  Way to go Vegas, straight to my heart.

Not just a book store but also a coffee shop & artificial bird sanctuary!  It’s remarkable.  The unique literary genres keep you perusing the titles for hours and mucho kudos to the gift buyer, I want everything in every case & every table top.  Smells of fresh coffee brewing when you step in, the delightful decor and the peaceful sounds gently leading into the bird sanctuary book store ❤️ LOVE.

Worth The Trip off The Strip?  OMGAWD YES!  YES!  YES!

In this post, 3 hidden gems outside Las Vegas, are they worth the trip off the strip and where these hidden gems can be experienced & enjoyed



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