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You have one of these?  In this post, my tried & true travel must-pack fashion item.


After many trips near & far, this is my tried-&-true-always-packed fashion item.  Family and friends know, I’m a pro in what I pack (1 item worn multiple ways) and how I pack (facts… my S.O said, “I packed the Arlene Way and I have more room in my luggage with more clothes!”)  Also, here’s a helpful list ….. what should I pack for a plane trip?

must-pack fashion item

This is the item y’all!!  And how funny that the graphic is all these fab places all around the world!  This little fashion piece-that-could is more than 2 decades old and has been to the snowy slopes of Banff to a cultural space & museum in Mexico City to a cafe in the Netherlands.  Yeah, it’s that top.

Why?  Here’s the 3 reasons why this is the piece-of-all-pieces for me to travel with

  • tissue thin & easy to pack
  • the graphic design is perfect for all the different cultural spaces & restaurants on the list and
  • the fitted style makes for a great base layer in cooler evening temps to cold climates.

Banff Springs, Alberta Canada

must-pack fashion item

Mexico City, Mexico

must-pack fashion piece

Nijmegen, Netherlands

style over 50

Find yourself a great base layer / fashion item, you will be so happy you did!  I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved into a must-pack for you!  This graphic number is more versatile than one would think.

Here’s a few I found out there on the WWW!  My #2 is this one by Nanuska, here’s another one by Nanushka, and YES! to this one by Ottolinger

Ok!  Till next time!

In this post, I’m sharing the one must-pack travel piece I cannot live without, why it’s such a great piece to have and travel with, a couple of outfit inspirations and lastly, where to find.  Enjoy!!

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