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Yay!!  Skiing!!  This type of trip can be an overwhelming packing project.  This post is what to pack for a ski trip.

what to pack for a week long ski trip

A ski trip, of course, is a different pack than packing for your usual holiday getaway.  This type of holiday can be anxiety inducing from the amount of gear and the number of suitcases this could take. But I’m proud to say, I’m quite the savvy traveler, so my goal for any trip is always ease, the ease of travel…so ONE suitcase all!

In this post I’m sharing packing tips for a ski holiday.

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

Let’s get the quick pack for the slopes out of the way

  • ski jacket
  • ski pants
  • base layers
  • gloves
  • hats
  • buffs
  • socks
  • goggles

check, check, check, check, check & check.  PS…ski/snowboard rental shops do not rent goggles so remember to bring your own!  This + two pairs of shoes fills half of one suitcase!

It’s all about the Outerwear

Our ski trip took us to the wonderous Banff, Canada. Banff is BEAUTIFUL & magical and it’s also so damn cold!

For a {seriously cold} adventure like this, the primary focus is on outerwear.  Expect to be sporting some sort of outerwear {even inside the hotel/resort} while everything else in the suitcase is comfy & cozy.  Even out to dinner the dress code is comfy & cozy, #facts.   I’ve outlined some essentials of that comfy/cozy in the checklist below!

Alright, outerwear, let’s gooo >> There’s four total for this 7 day trip

  • ski jacket
  • sleeveless puffer
  • cargo jacket
  • puffer

To pack all this, I wore the sleeveless puffer + cargo jacket and only packed the ski jacket and puffer {yo…smashes down to nothing}.

stylish women over 50
This cute knee length puffer vest w hood was my workhorse. Every other piece of outerwear was layered over this one.  But I wore it just as-is too, ALL.THE.TIME. Especially tooling around the hotel {love you so much @fairmontbanff }
what to wear to banff
cargo jkt + sleeveless long puffer, for traveling and days tooling around town

what to wear in banff

what to wear at the fairmont banff
Now we’re talking, double puff!  Super cozy for those outdoor excursions and campfire sits :))
style over 50
and ski jackets for everything esle!

Ski Trip Packing List

what you should pack for a skiing trip

And that’s how we do packs for ski trips y’all!

You’re probs wondering, what about all the ski gear?  After a number of trips lugging our own gear, we rent our gear now.  The resorts have top notch equipment and usually in much better shape than what we own!

OK!  Have the best time!  Hope this helps with your looming pack!

PS…If you’re looking to ski Banff, STAY HERE

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