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Easily has become one of my favorite places to visit.  In this post where to eat and where to shop in Mexico City.

where to eat and shop mexico city

This is the sweet spot for me when visiting a city…local food and local designers {whatcha eating & whatcha making}.  True gifts from Mexico City, their local food and local artisans & boutiques.  So when we’re traveling, we’re bellied up to the local cuisine and seeking out the local artisans & boutiques.  Always #1 & #2 {and #3 art} on the itinerary.

In this post, where to eat and where to shop in Mexico City.

Where to EAT in Mexico City – on the streets!

mexico city street tacos

where to eat in mexico city
top L, clockwise – street along Lincoln Park Polanco, consommé & tacos, outside of Museo Jumex, La Lagunilla open market

Let’s start with the easy one first, eating!  Easy because Mexico City makes it easy with their incredible street food scene.  Visitors and locals alike claim Mexico City has the best street food.  Cool thing is, it’s so very easy to find …it’s on the corners, lined down the block, on the busiest of streets, by the parks, at the museums…hard to miss and hard to resist.  Just dive right in, all of it delicious, trust the process {gloves are not a thing}, quality is exceptional, pesos & spanish only.  I order tacos, consommé, panuchos and tortas.  But can’t go wrong honestly, w anything they’re chopping & grilling up.

It’s not just the food on the streets.  Mexico City is also home to two restaurants in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, #5 Pujol and #9 Quintonil.  We tried reservations for Pujol, but was already booked three months out!  Dang Pujol!  Will defintely keep trying!

When we’re not eating, we’re shopping & art-ing around.  Shopping around in Mexico City, man, you can feel the love for local here.  This city’s dense with local artists, designers and boutiques.  Each with their own POV.  Here’s five for your Mexico City hit list.

Where to SHOP in Mexico City – Local Designers & Boutiques

local boutiques mexico city

handmade in roma norte

1 – Aurelia, Roma Norte

This shop!  Be still my heart!  Created & owned by three sisters, Aurelia is influenced by their love of the charrería culture & craftmanship as well as their love of their great grandmother.  I was intrigued by so many of the clothing pieces, but could not resist this dress by Columbian designer, Alejandra de Coss.  C’mon now!  A dress w built-in fanny??  stop.the.insanity.  sold.

Please take a moment to take a look at Aurelia’s most special handbags. The handmade wooden box bag with interchangeable charro straps {handmade made by specialized Mexican artisans} and the Lasso handbag are so unique and beautiful to eye and touch.   The belts, too, beyond words!  You can literally sense the love that went into making each piece.

best boutiques mexico city

local boutiques roma norte

2 – Mooni, Roma Norte

This little string of stores just draws you in. Each small, inviting space is incredibly well-curated and filled to the brim with fantastic art and designlocal artisans mexico city

best boutique shopping mexico city

3 – Ojo Amulets, Coyoacán

K not going to lie, I had to make decisions and not buy it all lol.

If you’re touring the Frida Kahlo Museum {and you should!!}, skip the souvenir shop.  Head left out of the exit, half way down the block and experience Ojo Amulets.  Every piece in that shop had my full attention and the shop keep was the absolute best, knowing each and every one of the local designers.

handmade ceramics and housewares polanco

best tortilla warmer

4 – Lago

Check the ceramics, the stoneware, the housewares, check the tortilla warmers!  Once you’ve explored all these incredibly cool distinctive pieces for your home, you’ll find a tightly curated selection of timeless pieces for both men & women made of the yummiest of textiles.

Next, head out the door and to the right few blocks down on Mazerak, to IKAL.  More local goodness to be had.

best boutiques mexico city

art and design shops in mexico city

5 – IKAL

The space alone at IKAL was super intriguing in itself.  Leading to different areas of local designers and wares, I wanted to see everything!

This post is about where to eat and where to shop in Mexico City.


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